Food Handler and Manager Certification

Food Handler and Manager Certification

Fayette County was the first jurisdiction in Kentucky to require all food service establishments to be operated by a person certified in food safety and hygiene.

The local Board of Health passed this requirement in 1987. The goal of this educational program is to provide training in safe food handling procedures and personal hygiene, thus preventing the occurrence of foodborne diseases.

On-Site Training

Food Handler Testing

The food handler certification is obtainable online at: Food Handler Certification.

To protect public health, all persons working in food service in Fayette County are required to have a valid food handler card issued by the health department. All food-service establishment personnel engaged in food handling activities must have satisfactorily passed the basic food handling certification requirements and have a Fayette County food handler card on file at the establishment. Certified food managers are not required to obtain a food handler card.

Online Training

The Food Handler and Food Manager tests may be taken online at any time through our website. Cost is $23 for the food handler test and $85 for the food manager certification; credit card is required for payment. The online training is computer, tablet, and smartphone compatible. Click here to take your online Food Handler test or Food Manager certification.

Only food handler cards issued through the Lexington-Fayette County Health Department are valid within Fayette County. Call (859) 231-9791 for more information.