COVID-19 Vaccination Information

UPDATE March 1, 2021: We continue to follow the federal/state guidelines on COVID-19 vaccination distribution. The clinics, for people who live or work in Lexington, have been expanded to include Phase 1C, Phase 1B childcare staff and anyone ages 70 and older. We also continue to provide vaccines to Phase 1A healthcare workers. When registration is available, you can learn more here: LFCHD COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic Registration.

Please know this is NOT a guarantee of getting the vaccination. This is a way to be notified about future vaccination clinics as they become available. If you have questions, please call us at 859-899-2222 or email


Phase 1B (70 and Older) Vaccination Notification Form for Lexington

Phase 1B (70 and Older) Vaccination Notification Form for Lexington: To continue to prioritize Lexington residents ages 70 and older, a notification form is available for help learning about future vaccination clinics. If you are age 70 or older and live or work in Lexington, you can receive notifications about future clinics by providing information here: COVID-19 Vaccination Notification Form.

Please know this is NOT a guarantee of getting the vaccination. This is a way to be notified about future vaccination clinics as they become available. If you have questions, please call us at 859-899-2222 or email

When the time comes to register, this video can be used as a guide to help you get signed up: How-To Register for LFCHD Vaccination Clinics.

Please note: the vaccine is NOT available at the health department.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: If you want to volunteer for the COVID-19 vaccination response, please sign up through the Medical Reserve Corp!

Have Vaccine questions? You can read a transcript of our January 13 Vaccine Clinic Facebook live for answers to our most Frequently Asked Questions.

Kentucky’s Regional Vaccination Clinic Information

Updated Jan. 28, 2021: Gov. Andy Beshear and the Kentucky Department for Public Health announced the state’s first regional COVID-19 vaccination clinics, including at the Kentucky Horse Park’s Alltech Arena, 4089 Ironworks Pike, Lexington. The clinics start at 10 a.m. Feb. 2. This for Phase 1B ages 70 and older.

Registration starts at 5 p.m. Jan. 28 at Note: we are not responsible for this site and cannot answer questions about the process or clinics. State vaccine information can be found at or 855-598-2246.

City of Lexington’s Vaccination Information

Please visit here to learn more about the City of Lexington’s COVID-19 vaccination rollout.

Kentucky State COVID-19 Vaccine Information

Please visit the state’s COVID-19 website for more information on Kentucky’s vaccination distribution plan:

Legal Statement

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), through its Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), set forth guidance on managing and administering COVID-19 vaccinations in situations where supply falls short of demand. This guidance establishes “phases,” or an order in which different groups of people will receive the limited supply of vaccine. The purpose behind these phases is to: (i) maximize safety and effectiveness, (ii) reduce the transmission, morbidity, and mortality of COVID-19 disease; (iii) help minimize disruption to society and the economy; and (iv) ensure equity in vaccine allocation and distribution.  To achieve these goals, ACIP: (i) conducted several public meetings and sought input from the National Academies for Science, Engineering and Medicine; (ii) conducted a review of listed academic reports; (iii) reviewed international recommendations and evidence; and (iv) considered additional public input through focus groups, surveys, public group submissions and public comment through the Federal Register.  ACIP has provided this guidance and encouraged public and private entities to follow it. ACIP’s guidance can be found at

Kentucky, like other states and most parts of the world as whole, does not currently have enough vaccine to administer to every Kentucky citizen that wants or needs it. As a result, Kentucky state and local governments, medical facilities, and other private and public institutions are forced to determine in what order and to whom the limited supplies of vaccine will be distributed.  Kentucky’s Department for Public Health, the Cabinet for Health and Family Services and numerous state and federal agencies have adopted ACIP’s guidance and are following it as the best method for achieving the goals described above. These same entities are strongly advising others to follow it as part of their vaccine distribution efforts. Further, the CDC requires providers such as LFCHD to abide by ACIP’s recommendations (including the phases referenced above) as a condition for receiving vaccine doses to distribute.

Thus, absent proof of circumstances that warrant deviation from the prescribed phases, or evidence-supported changes in the recommendations from ACIP, LFCHD will continue to use best efforts to follow the guidance set forth by ACIP. At the present time, in light of the limited vaccine supply it has received, LFCHD is only administering the vaccine to those individuals described in phases 1(a) of the ACIP guidance. For these reasons, LFCHD is unable to fulfill all requests at this time but hopes to be able to provide others the opportunity to receive the vaccine in the near future. Please continue to monitor public announcements from LFCHD and the state and federal agencies that are working to distribute the vaccine as quickly as possible, as these announcements will contain (i) additional information about the vaccine; (ii) distribution progress and upcoming availability to different groups of individuals, and (iii) any changes that may occur to adjust the schedule of distribution.